Must-Have Fountain Accessories For Your Water Fountain

Water fountains are always a great addition to any home or office. That said, you should always have the right water fountain accessories on hand to accompany your water fountain

One reason why fountain accessories are important is that they can be used for cleaning and maintaining the fountain basin and operating parts. With the right accessories, you can ensure that your fountain is still in top condition even years down the line.

There are also some fountain accessories that can emphasize the beauty of your fountain. For instance, fountain lights are great for allowing you to enjoy the vision of your water feature, especially during the night.

However, you don’t need too many accessories to keep your fountain running in perfect condition. Here are the different types of fountain accessories you can find.

1. Fountain Cleaner

Water fountains tend to gather debris quickly so it’s important to always keep them clean. A fountain cleaner can help keep the water in your fountain clear and clean. It’s generally non-hazardous and is less likely to stain the basin of your fountain.

2. Water Fountain Cover

It’s likely that you won’t be using your fountain all throughout the year. This is why it’s important to have a water fountain cover ready. These fountain covers also come in different sizes to easily cover any type of fountain. A water fountain cover is also generally waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions, which means it can keep your fountain protected while still staying in good shape.

3. Submersible Light Kits

Submersible light kits are great for adding a beautiful and ethereal glow to your water fountain. These submersible lights come in waterproof housing and stands that are easily adjustable. They also generally come with a 16-foot power cord, allowing you to easily plug it into an electric source. When you add a lighting option to your water fountain, you’ll be adding much more personality and character, not just to your fountain but to your entire outdoor space too.

By Greg Willok

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