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Best Solar Birdbath Fountains

Solar birdbath fountains take energy from the sun and use it for creating an inviting and bubbly watering hole for birds. Since solar panels don’t require power cords or to be near an electric source, solar birdbath fountains are much more convenient than their electric counterparts. 

The ideal solar birdbath fountains are those with a reliable solar power system, an eye-catching design, and are made of materials that are highly durable and easy to clean. Here are some of the best solar birdbath fountains that you can use to attract new feathery friends.

1. Vivohome Antique Bird Bath and Solar-Powered Fountain

The Vivihome solar birdbath fountain is not only attractive and pleasing to the eye, but it also has a fairly simple and straightforward installation process, with no tools required. Made of a polyresin material, this model is very durable and incredibly lightweight. 

2. Aisitin 3 5W Solar Fountain

If you already own a traditional birdbath, you can use this floating, freestanding solar fountain to turn your birdbath into a beautiful bubbling model. You can add it to a pedestal, a ground birdbath or a hanging birdbath. With a 7.1-inch diameter composed almost entirely of solar panels, it has a more stable and powerful water flow than other regular small solar fountains. 


3. Smart Solar Sunflower Solar Birdbath

As an alternative to concrete and polyresin birdbaths, glass birdbaths look beautiful and delicate. They’ll fit right into gardens with vibrant colors. This birdbath is composed of a sunflower-painted glass basin, sitting on top of a steady and durable metal stand. However, it only weighs 11 pounds, making it easy to move around the garden. Not to mention, it’s very easy to set up and then take down for storage. 

4. Estefanlo 3W Solar Fountain

The Estefanlo 3W solar fountain has six colorful LED lights that add even more visual interest and appeal to your birdbath. The bulbs automatically turn on once the night falls. Additionally, you can choose a specific color for the lights or set it to cycle through the different colors. 

By Greg Willok

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