Decorative Water Garden Fountains

When it comes to building decorative water garden fountains, you would need enough disposable income to spend on the materials needed and this can get a bit expensive. If you want something that’s not too cheap but not too expensive either, then a cascading clay pot fountain is usually a good choice. 

Although you’ll be letting go of a generous amount of cash, the incredible results will be worth it. For a decorative water garden fountain, ornate features usually serve as the focal point. In landscape design, a focal is what can make or break your project so it’s important to choose them wisely. 

The heart of the project is a tall, glazed ceramic planter. Ceramic plants like that usually cost over $200 but can be transformed into a highly decorative water garden fountain. Aside from their beauty and size, you’re also paying for the durability and resilience that glazed ceramic planters come with. 

You can also use copper pipes creatively to make your fountain even more decorative. Plumbing is provided by a separate central pipe. Meanwhile, a decorative copper pipe can be placed on either side of the fountain, twisted artistically on top, forming a curlicue.

The glazed ceramic planter is placed in a rigid pond liner filled with water, resting below ground level. The copper pipes are placed behind the pond liner. A rubber hose is used to connect the central copper pipe to the pump resting on the bottom of the pond liner. The water is then pumped out of the pump, flowing into the ceramic planter. 

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