Best Feng Shui Fountains

An indoor water fountain is one of the more common ways to integrate feng shui into your household. If you’re unsure how to pick the right one for your home, then fortunately we’ve listed some of the best feng shui fountains found online after assessing their ease of setup and use, quality, and additional features.

You can bring zen and positive energy into your house with the following water fountains. 

Alpine Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain

Water flows through three tiers of this indoor water fountain. It also comes with three tea light holders that bring a soothing glow to your home. 

Wymer Resin Cascading Tabletop Fountain

This water fountain has three stepped channels and a spout up top where water flows from. The fountain’s underwater lights emit a soft glow that makes the fixture look ethereal.

Namaste Buddha Indoor Table Fountain

Measuring 11.5”x 8.4” x 7”, this fountain showcases Buddha in the Namaste position. 

Faux Stone Table Fountain

This fountain has four levels. The highest level has a floating crystal ball that comes with its own LED light, emitting a soft warm glow. 

Rowell Tabletop Fountain

Standing at 7.5” x 5”, the Rowell Tabletop Fountain features four tired bowls. You’ll notice an LED light installed in the bottom bowl that produces a warm glow during the night.


Factors To Look For In A Feng Shui Water Fountain 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best feng shui fountain for your home:

Materials and Feature

There are different materials used for indoor water fountains such as metal, ceramic and stone. Some also feature other elements including lighting and plants. It’s better to choose the one you’re most drawn to, otherwise, the feng shui won’t be as great.

Ease of Cleaning

Make sure to choose an indoor fountain that is easy for you to manage and keep clean. Keep in mind that the purpose of the feng shui fountain is to improve the energy in your home. Clarity and flow cannot be achieved if your fountain is not well cared for.


It’s always advisable to choose feng shui objects that aren’t too small but are in good relative size to the space you plan to put them in. This applies to indoor water fountains, too.

By Greg Willok

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