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Best DIY Water Feature Ideas

The thing is that being in the presence of nature does indeed cause a healing effect. In fact, the peaceful sound of a softly falling waterfall or a babbling brook can do wonders to calm not just our minds, but our bodies and souls as well. 

The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to live out in the wild to be surrounded by those calming sounds. You can either purchase manufactured fountains and waterfalls or create one at home in order to have your own waterfall oasis. 

Here are a few DIY feature ideas that will soon have you relaxing in your own slice of paradise. 

1. Simple Potted Bubble Fountain

You can create a simple bubbler using two textured pots, with the smaller pot set within the other, gravel, tubing and a pump. 

2. Tippy Tea Pot and Wooden Barrel Fountain

This water feature will have visitors marvel at its ingenuity. In this setup, water flows through an old teapot into a shallow bowl, and then finally into a barrel. You can arrange potted plants around this fountain to add to its visual appeal. 

3. Underground Water System Fountain 

Although this wat fountain takes a bit of work and effort to properly set up, the end result will be worth it. It’s a simple fountain that’s nestled in the center of a river stone bed. You can even make it look lovelier by planting ornamental grasses, small boulders, prostrate shrubs and colorful flowers around it. 

4. Pretty Little Pail Fountain 

In this water fountain, water bubbles up from a little pot filled with gravel. It is actually very simple to assemble. As a nice touch, you can add bits of sea grass among the gravel to give it color. For balance, have a glazed ceramic plot sitting next to your water fountain pot. 

5. Nested Ceramic Pots with Fountain Feature

Ceramic pots with splashes of blue painted around the edges make for a fitting DIY fountain. Once install the water feature, real water flows from the smaller pot into the bigger one filled with colorful gravel. You can place this fountain on your backyard deck, patio or in your garden. 

By Greg Willok

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