How To Make A Garden Fountain Out Of Anything

Everyone needs a place where they can just sit quietly and peacefully to relax and unwind. The great outdoors is always a good choice, or you can just settle for your backyard. And what better to add to complete the tranquil and calming atmosphere of your backyard than by adding a garden fountain?

Sure, you can agree that it might cost you a lot of money. However, the best part is that you can actually create a garden fountain all by yourself. In fact, it’ll only take you a weekend of dedicated work. 

Here are the steps to making your very own garden fountain:

  • Learn the anatomy of a fountain then visit your nearest store. A fountain is composed of water, a pump that propels the water and a piece of sculpture where the water flows. When visiting the store to purchase your materials, your list should include:
  1. Pump
  2. Waterproof basin
  3. Small rocks
  4. ½ inch ball valve
  5. Composite decking
  6. 1 inch PVC conduit
  7. ½ inch copper pipe
  8. Stones
  9. ½ inch by ½ inch Compression Female Adapter
  10. Screen
  11. Drainage gravel

  • Use a pointed shovel to dig a hole two inches deeper than your water basin. Then, between the pit and the nearest exterior outlet, dig a narrow and shallow trench.
  • Lay a two-inch thick bed of drainage gravel in the pit you dug then place your basin on top of it. Then, measure the distance from the edge of the pit to the outlet, cutting a section of PVC conduit to that length. Secure the conduit and backfill over it.
  • Dry-fit the parts.
  • Mark an opening.
  • Connect the pump and pipe.
  • Fit the decking.
  • Drill the stones.
  • Assemble the fountain.
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