Garden Lighting Ideas

Garden lighting allows you to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping even during the night. Spotlights, string lights and stake lights are generally the more popular options, with all of them being either solar or battery-powered.

Before purchasing your garden lighting, you need to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want a more ambient glow or something bright enough to increase visibility at night? 

Either way, here are different garden lighting options that you can choose from. 

Globe lights

Globe-shaped lights are spherical alternatives to the more common stake lights. They bring visual interest and work well in a xeriscape landscaping plan or in gravel gardens. You can place these lights along the top tier areas of your garden or underneath and behind plants for some illumination.

String lights for Trees

You can make your trees really stand out by decorating them with string lights. These tiny glowing bulbs cover the trunk and main branches, outlining their shape and casting a soft glow on your garden. If you want to avoid the need to always have an electrical outlet nearby, then you can always go for solar-powered string lights.

Lantern lighting

With lanterns, you can choose to either hang them from a post or install them behind bushes or along hedges to provide a soft warm glow from within your garden. There is a wide range of lantern styles and materials but candle lanterns are the ones that give off that classic glow. 

Overhead lighting

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your garden, basking in the peace and quiet. When you add overhead lights to your garden, you can use the seating areas day and night. The number of overhead lights and their type greatly depends on whether you simply want soft illumination or want it to be bright enough that you can enjoy dinner outside.

Garden bed illumination

Floating garden beds tend to grab attention with their showy display of plants. The LED lighting can be used to further enhance the features of the garden, especially during the night when it’s a lot less easy to see. 

By Greg Willok

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