Best Water Features for Your Yard

Although a swimming pool is one of the more common water features for your outdoor space, it’s not the only option. Not to mention, it’s not everyone that has the space for a private swimming pool or even wants one. Even so, each of us has that basic, innate attraction to the natural and soothing presence of water. 

That said, here are different types of water features you can add to your yard, regardless of its size.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can vary in size and shape. Whether you’re looking for one where you can do swimming laps or one that simply allows you to entertain your friends and family, there are all sorts of designs you can choose from. 


You can have a garden pond filled with vibrant and friendly koi fish and lotus-like water lilies floating on top. If you don’t think you can manage that type of pond, you can simply have a clean, clear and empty body of water that’s only there for pleasure and reflection. 

Standalone Fountain

A standalone fountain is good during hot climates or on hot days. It fills the air with moisture and provides relief to not just your family but the nearby plants as well. Fountains come in different sizes and designs that can either be bought or made on your own. 


Streams found in nature either rush through granite mountains, trickle through valleys or lazily meander in upland meadows. Before adding one to your yard, you need to research exactly how they move and look. Streams can provide your property and soil with the water flow that they need.


A wishing well is a much quainter and subdued take on the water feature. There are some that are there for practical use while others are only there for decoration.

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