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Backyard Waterfalls
RIVER Fountain with LED lights

RIVER Fountain with LED lights


Balanced Rock Garden Waterfall

Balanced Rock Garden Waterfall


Rock Waterfall Fountain

Rock Waterfall Fountain


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Welcome to Our Water Fountain Store. Here you will be able to comparison shop for water features to find the best deal possible. There is a large selection of both indoor and outdoor fountains to choose from brought to you by some of the most respected online retailers in the industry. Whether you're searching for wall fountains, floor fountains, pond fountains, large fountains or small tabletop fountains, you're sure to find one you love at a very affordable price. There's no reason to search all over the Internet for a great deal on water features when you can find it here in one convenient location. Shop, Compare, and Save!

Since 2005, Our Water Fountain Store has been offering a great selection of unique outdoor and indoor water features from many of the top online retailers in the industry. This allows us to present to you today's best sellers at competitive prices. Our Water Fountain Store is not involved in direct sales. Our service to our visitors involves finding both discount and name brand water features and related supplies from the most trusted online retailers in the industry.

Our Water Fountain Blog

Things to Know before Setting up a Water Fountain at Home

Water fountains are water features that make any space completely stylish and dramatic. No matter which room in the house you set them in, they will not go out of place. They are so versatile that they complement any theme or motif that dominates a certain space.

Size Matters

When choosing the perfect water fountain for your home, the first aspect to be considered is its size. For instance, before you set up an outdoor fountain for your lawn or garden, take into consideration the size of your yard. Identify the potential site where you want to install your water fountain. Survey the site and the objects that surround it. Select a fountain that is not overwhelmingly huge and not awkwardly small. It should not block any passage. It should not conceal nor cancel out any surrounding outdoor décor.

Fountains also make a great focal point for any room. When picking the best indoor water fountain for an enclosed room in your house, you need to make sure that the piece you pick does not take up all of the room’s breathing space. Ideally, indoor fountains are placed either in the middle of the room, corners or dead spaces.

The Right Fountains for Your Home

For vast gardens and huge indoor spaces, an above-ground spouting or cascading fountain is the most popular choice. They are classic accent pieces that transform a bare spot into an irresistible amazement.

On the other hand, you can create a relaxing atmosphere for small spaces using wall-mounted fountains. Minimalist wall fountains are the sleekest and the most space-efficient.

Final Thoughts

Water fountains come in many modern designs. Each piece is guaranteed to provide a calming ambiance in any space, in any home. Choose a design that will fit your home’s theme.

A Quick Guide to Buying a Lawn Mower

Mowers come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the one that suits your needs can be a legitimate challenge. When deciding which lawn mower to purchase, there are three things to consider: lawn size, obstacles (trees, fountains, ponds, etc.) and terrain dimension (sloped, hilly or flat and even).

The Best Mower for Your Needs

Mowers are classified according to their size, mechanisms and capacities.

Manual Reel Mowers

These are mowers not powered by any engines. So, you need to push and walk behind these mowers to put the blades into work. Manual mowers can do minimal grass cutting. They are excellent for small yards.

Mechanical Walk-behind mowers

These motorized lawn mowers can perform more amount of work than a manual mower. They can be a little bulky, but their engine ensures more efficiency. This is best for small, flat yards with little to no obstacles.

Riding Mowers and Lawn Tractors

These are powerful mowers that are built for lawns that need huge maintenance work. They require less effort to operate but these mowers are space consuming.

For big lawns with obstacles such as grown trees and fountains, zero-turn riding mowers are the best choice. Their zero radius precision turning guarantees to trim grass in every nook and cranny. They are large in size but their powerful engines slash the mowing time in half.


You might need to shop around a little in order to find the best deals. But, the best way to find the best lawn mower for you is to carefully assess and understand the maintenance needs of your lawn.

Why You Should Consider Having an Indoor Fountain in your Bedroom

Water has long been a symbol of tranquility. Spas and wellness centers use this natural element to promote relaxation. That is the main reason why these establishments have indoor water fountains. Furthermore, you have spent so much time on trying to find the right bed to match your firm mattress. Because as we know, a extra firm mattress does promote better rest in most people.

Indoor Fountains as Instrument for Better Sleep

There are two ways in which a fountain in your bedroom improves the quality of your sleep.

The Soothing Sound

Our brain interprets the sound of flowing water as “non-threatening”. The nervous system responds to this by relaxing the senses since the sound does not signify danger as compared to loud, dynamic music that can heighten your mental alertness. As a result, your body begins to relax and starts to feel calmed and soothed. This is the first step to a satisfying sleep.

Therapeutic Properties of Negative Ions that Water Emit

Indoor fountains increase the concentration of negative ions or “anions” in the air. The anions from the flowing water balances out cations (positive ions) thus purifying the air. Anions help stabilize the serotonin levels of the body. Serotonin is the hormone that is responsible for mood balance. Low serotonin levels result in depression, while high levels of the hormone promote hyperactivity. So, it is imperative to keep serotonin levels normal to prevent irritability, stress, anxiety, and fatigue.


Having an indoor fountain is a natural, non-invasive way to improve the quality of your sleep. Since sleep is essential for good health, an indoor fountain in a bedroom creates long-term health benefits.

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